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Jackie LeFevre - Bio

Illinois is an "attorney state" - buyers and sellers of residential real estate usually have an attorney represent them for the contract and closing on the house.

Buyers of a new (or used) home have many responsibilities under their contract, most relating to their loan.  They need to have any inspections and ask for modifications or repairs by a certain date. They must apply for their loan in a timely manner.  If the lender does not have a firm commitment they must notify the seller - or risk losing their earnest money if they are unable to obtain the loan.  At the closing there is a lengthy loan package to examine and confirm that the details are what were described by the loan officer or broker.  Buyer's attorneys also confirm that the real estate is transferred appropriately to the Buyer, and that the Seller fulfills all his obligations and title is clear.

Sellers have even more responsibilities - as they must properly clear title and transfer it to the Buyer.  They will need to order a survey (if required by the contract), clear any village inspections, obtain any local permissions required for the transfer, and prepare a deed of transfer, as well as transfer tax declarations.

I have handled real estate closings since 1997 when I first started my practice.  I am not a high volume practitioner as are most real estate attorneys.  I prefer to handle a smaller number of real estate closings each year so that I can give each closing the amount of time and personal attention it requires.  When you call with a question, you will speak to me - not a paralegal or secretary.  I will attend the closing with you in person, not by phone.  My clients for real estate transactions include attorneys from large and well known firms in Chicago who wanted the personal attention I could give the transaction rather than the in house counsel who dealt with 300+ closings per year.