Areas of Practice
Arbitration / Mediation
Jackie LeFevre - Bio

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) includes methods of resolving conflict between people without litigation as well as methods of getting litigation to settlement.

Arbitration is a process that is similar to a trial, but less formal.  The parties appear and are each given the opportunity to present their side of the story to one or more arbitrators.  The arbitrators apply their judgement and knowledge of the law to the facts of the case and make a decision.  Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.  The mandatory arbitration programs in Cook and Lake Counties have helped resolve more than 50% of disputes that would otherwise have gone to trial.

Mediation is a process that is intended to help the parties come to an agreement.  Rather than act an independent judge of the facts, the mediator coaches the parties toward resolution and may suggest creative solutions that will satisfy both plaintiff and respondent.

I serve as an arbitrator for the Cook and Lake County Mandatory Arbitration programs, and I am a Certified Mediator.  I am available as an independent arbitrator or mediator.